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"I would like to take this opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Pereira and Company to service your tax preparation needs. Pereira and Company, CPA exhibits the professional knowledge qualities that are essential to any business or individual who are seeking financial and/or tax advice. What makes this company trustworthy is its commitment to its clients which is always professional and Mr.Pereira is an experienced CPA who has the expertise in not just tax preparation, but accounting as well. I will continue to use Pereira and Company because they have guided me in right direction when others did not and most importantly, the communication and customer service is AWESOME, in my many years of using their tax preparation service, contacting this company was never a challenge, they are always available to answer your questions and provide expert advice. Thanks for providing GREAT TAX service!"

Clarice Turner

"I have been going to Pereira and Company for three years and his service is phenomenal. If you are stressing yourself out and in question of your taxes, you need to visit Pereira and Company because the services here will put you at ease. Hubert is a professional with extensive years of experience and is trustworthy. He advised me on my individual and business tax preparation needs and I have to say, by far, the best services one can receive for any tax needs. As an independent contractor, it is important for me to have an experience CPA with the level of expertise Hubert has. He’s definitely a keeper."

Nancy J.

"The Pereira and Company, CPA firm is the best tax accountant service I’ve ever experienced. They really put their clients first and they’re great on educating you about the whole process concerning your specific tax situation. My wife and I are self-employed and their service and dedication to handling our taxes has proved to be invaluable. I highly recommend setting up a complimentary consultation and evaluation of your tax situation with them ASAP!"


"My husband and I own a small retail store. We were behind on reconciling, filing tax returns and quite frankly our books were a mess. Hubert and his staff at Pereira & Company got us caught up painlessly and lifted a huge weight off our shoulders. They are on top of all the tax laws and we feel we truly have a partner who cares about the best needs of our business."


"I have used Pereira and Company to do my taxes for years. I love the personal attention I receive here rather than what I was getting at a chain establishment. Hubert and his people are very knowledgeable. They take time to answer my questions and explain in laymen’s terms how the tax law applies to my situation. I recommend this firm!"

D. Gadsden

"When you collaborate with Pereira and Company you not only get a knowledgeable, professional and honest Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you get a strategic business partner who really cares about the success of your business. Hubert and his team work hard to ensure that you don’t leave any money on the table with the IRS. Hubert’s expertise is 2nd to none because of his solid track record in helping individuals and business owners in the Metro-Atlanta area. He is a strategic resource that you can call upon year round (not just at tax time). As my business continues to grow, I will continue to seek out accounting and tax services with Pereira and Company. His team is definitely a necessary extension that is critical to the continued success of my business."

Leeza B.